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Welcome.  You have stumbled across a brand new blog that won’t be ready for prime time until the fall of 2011.  I am the Rev. Steve Ayres, vicar of the Old North Church by vocation and a coach to Episcopal clergy seeking new calls by avocation.

The mission of this blog is to provide practical help to clergy seeking to  better manage their vocational journeys.  While designed primarily for Episcopal clergy, the blog may provide support for clergy of other denominations as well as laity interested in understanding searches from the clergy’s point of view.

When up and running, the blog will provide advice on completing the OTM Portfolio, resume and essay writing, and interviewing techniques.  The blog will also host links to all aggregated job listings, like the OTM Portfolio, the Transition Ministry Network Newsletter and transition/deployment pages on diocesan websites.

The blog will post regular essays on aspects of the transition/deployment process and a regular feature called “Ask the Discernment Doctor”

I am open to suggestions for what you might find helpful on this kind of blog and can be reached at stephentayres-at- gmail.com.

I know much more about coaching clergy in discernment than I do about blogging, so pardon the appearance of this site while I learn the ropes.