Many thanks to the one thousandth visitor to this blog.  I’d give you your dream job as a prize, if only I knew who you were, and if I had any jobs to offer.  Alas, you will have to accept my gratitude anonymously.

The Discernment Doctor has been up and running for two months and is now averaging 150 visits per week.  The Episcopal Church Foundation’s Vital Practices blog has been republishing the Five Steps series and reports that Part 1 of the series received over 1,000 visits alone on their Facebook page.

Given that the blog is focused on a universe of roughly 8,000 active Episcopal clergy, I am gratified by your response to date.  If you find this content helpful please let me know, but more importantly, let your colleagues in ministry know about this resource.

The “Five Steps” series will be wrapping up in a couple of weeks.  Please send me other topics of interest.  Don’t be surprised if I slow down my publication schedule between now and Christmas.  Like most of you, I have a day job that gets busy this time of year.

I will be speaking about the Discernment Doctor approach to vocational coaching at the Clergy Leadership Institute Appreciative Inquiry Reunion in early December.  Hope to meet some of you there.