Happy Easter!

In a recent post on search committee etiquette, I noted the need to let clergy focus on their congregations around Christmas and Easter.  Following that advice, the Discernment Doctor will be quiet until late April.

While most of us have a marathon slog through Easter, here at Old North we extend the busy season with our secular high, holy day, aka Patriot’s Day Eve.  We reenact hanging two lanterns for a standing room only crowd. If you are in the area, call me for tickets.  I feel a sabbatical urge coming on for 2014, when Easter and Patriot’s Day eve fall on the same day again.  Imagine doubling your workload on Easter.

My wife and son are wise enough to demand that I take a break with them out of internet range as soon as we start the American Revolution again for the 237th time.  I hope you all can take a break as well.