During my post Easter, post Patriots Day respite, I ran across this interesting reflection on Baptist pastor searches.  Nice to know folks in other denominations are struggling with similar issues. Several key issues explored are:

Social media has become a major reference to check on potential pastors.

More leadership questions are asked.

Churches scrutinize the prospective pastor’s church website.

Churches are depending less on traditional resources to seek prospective pastors.

Hat tip to Thom Rainer at Lifeway for this interesting post.

I also received several e-mails at stephentayres – at – gmail.com, which will provide fodder for my next few posts.

This week I am off to clergy conference, where we will hear a report from a Harvard mediation team on a proposal to require clergy to pay a share of their health insurance.  Another interesting blog topic.  My first reaction is that the issue is being fought on economic grounds without much reflection on the impact on church human resource policy.

Finally, I am looking forward to meetings some of you in a month at the Clergy Leadership Development Conference at Adelynrood Conference Center.  If you are looking for a new call, or work with clergy who are looking for calls, you will be glad you attended this workshop.