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A blog follower from Great Britain recently wrote:

Your website and blogs have been a great help, given my ignorance of the transition process in the Episcopal Church. Even for a senior appointment here, it usually only takes about seven weeks from the application deadline to a decision!

Seven weeks!  A full rector search stateside lasts from twelve to eighteen months.  I wonder which process yields the better results.

I wonder how the English church fares without a lengthy interim process.  We Yanks, particularly in the most brilliant Commonwealth of Massachusetts, assume that our way is the best way.  Has anyone thought of comparing deployment systems?  How about some rigorous field testing of the elaborate interim ministry theory that has evolved over the last thirty years?

BTW, I’ll be leading a workshop on the OTM Portfolio on May 1 from 10 until 3 at Trinity Church, Stoughton, MA.   While MECA is sponsoring the workshop, I am sure they will welcome clergy from other dioceses.  More information to follow.