The Rev. Eleanor Terry joined the Old North staff this month, much to the delight of the congregation and staff.  A few final observations are in order:

  1. We spoke with a number of very qualified candidates and had to disappoint many because we could only hire one.
  2. A few fine candidates also turned us down, withdrawing from the search before we made a final call.  Discernment goes both ways.
  3. As we conducted most of the search over the summer, a few interested clergy expressed frustration in the fall that they didn’t know the position was open.  For those of you seeking a new call, it is very important to keep tabs on position open listing.
  4. The Rev. Ellie Terry applied after seeing the position listed on our diocesan website.  The largest group of inquiries came from our bishop and transition ministry office.  The second largest group came from the EDN Job Posting.  The third came from the OTM listing.  About 25 inquiries were received.
  5. While I have been known to grouse about the length of search processes, I must confess that delaying the beginning of our search worked in Old North’s favor.  Ellie would not have been looking for a position twelve months ago, when the former assistant resigned.  There is room for serendipity and the Holy Spirit in the timing of searches.