Blog policies

  1. THE ELEPHANT ON THIS BLOG This blog provides a forum for clergy who are seeking new ministries to learn how to navigate ministry transitions.  We share our thoughts both as colleagues and as competitors.  Be aware that several participants on this blog may be considering the same call at the same time.  Be pastoral in all your comments.  Transition ministry officers, bishops, and search committees may also visit this blog from time to time.
  2. PRIVACY Given the intensely personal nature of job searches, the use of pseudonyms by commenters and in reference to specific search processes is encouraged.
  3. APPRECIATIVE APPROACH The Discernment Doctor is a fan of Appreciative Inquiry and encourages participants to focus on what works well now or what could work well in the future and to minimize complaints about what didn’t work well in the past.  Criticism should always be accompanied by suggested improvements.  The Discernment Doctor reserves the right to remove unconstructive critical posts.
  4. THE DISCERNMENT DOCTOR HAS A DAY JOB This blog is an avocation.  The Discernment Doctor cannot guarantee to answer all questions at length or in a timely fashion.
  5. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED As a brand new blogger, the Discernment Doctor reserves the right to change any and all policies. Participants on the blog are encouraged to make constructive suggestions about blog policy.

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